Director General's Message

Pakistan Academy for Rural Development (PARD) is one of the premier institutions of Pakistan that work for the rural development. It was established in 1957 as an autonomous organization under the administrative control of Establishment Division. It became operational in September 1959. Since then, the Academy has been actively and extensively contributing towards the achievement of its goals. In 1997, recognizing its role in training and action research, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific, declared it a ‘Centre of Excellence for Human Resource Development’. PARD’ has multi level and multi faceted activities. Starting right from grass root level i.e. villagers and farmers including women, the Academy actively interacts with local, provincial and federal government, researchers, academicians and non-governmental organizations working for rural development in one way or the other. Its functions include research particularly action based research and capacity building through training. PARD has also developed valuable association with international organizations e.g. CESSD, UNESCO, UNICEF FAO, UNCRD, APDC etc., regional organizations like AIT (Bangkok), CIRDAP (Dhaka), and a number of national organizations.

PARD is also proud of its two interventions for the empowerment of rural women. One is ‘Masjid-Maktab’ scheme wherein informal girls’ schools have been established in the adjoining rural areas where either there are no girls’ schools or if there were any, they have been destroyed during the on-going war-on-terror. The other intervention is establishment of ‘Hunarkada’ at Academy campus wherein the women from adjacent villages are trained in stitching, embroidery, glass painting, fabric painting etc. Both these projects are run on self-help basis. However, all this doesn’t mean that we are now preparing to sit on our laurels. Each mile stone that we cross, further strengthens our commitment. We are well aware that there is a lot to be done to bring prosperity to our rural areas. Our vision and mission is clear and we are well prepared for our journey ahead. INSHA-ALLAH