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Welcome to Pakistan Academy For Rural Development


No training institution can function effectively without adequate library facilities. PARD library is as old as the academy itself and was established in 1957 with the inception of the academy. Originally established in a small room of the research section with only 200 books. presently library housed in a two story building with over fifty thousand books.

PARD library caters to the needs of the three sister institutes i.e. PARD, NIM & PPSA. The collection of three institutions contains books, newspapers, magazines, journals, reports, audio/video CDs, research papers, news paper clippings. Total number of books are 52078 on various subjects, especially on rural development, agriculture, international relations, rules and regulations, public administration, law, literature, biography and  management. Six daily news papers and seven magazines & journals are also subscribed.

Library Services

  • Automated Circulation System: Library has its own automated circulation system. All the bibliographic data has been computerized and barcodes have been fixed on each book. The circulation has been carried out through this system. The books have to be magnetized/de-magnetized  through magnetic device for circulation to library users.

  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue): Library has its own OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). Online public access catalogue could be used / searched by title, author and subject. Advanced search has to be carried out by using Boolean/operators (and, are, not).

  • Audio/Visual Section: Audio/Visual Section has been established in library. Three computers have been reserved for consultation of CD’s/DVD’s on computers. 90 x DVDs on training, simulation exercise, guest night, publication week and imminent scholars has been added in Audio/Visual section of library. Library also holds 613 x audio cassettes and  529 x video cassettes on different topics.

  • Institutional Digital Repository (IDR): PARD Digital library was established in 2008 for PARD, NIM and PPSA publications. Digital collection of research papers/articles/books/periodicals are added in the library on regular basis. Considerable digital material including Books, Research Papers, Articles and other documents are downloaded and added in institutional digital repository every year. About 2530 x digital materials has been added in institutional digital repository (IDR).

  • Clipping Section: Clippings from prominent newspapers are obtained and added in the record of the clipping section. About 850 x clippings have been added in newspaper clipping in 21 folders during the last one year. The folders are available in newly established corner of library. The record of clipping in soft format is also maintained on the computer of library counter.

  • HEC Digital Library: The library is connected with HEC Digital Library which provides access to international journals and electronic books, encyclopedias, databases helping to our researchers and trainers in their academic and research activities.


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