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Farmers Convention

Pakistan Academy for Rural Development, Peshawar an oldest and premier national institution, was founded in 1957 as an autonomous organization to impart in-service training and research on various aspects of rural development administration. It is controlled administratively by the Establishment Division, Government of Pakistan through a Board of Governors consisting of representatives from four Provincial Governments with the Secretary, Establishment Division, is the Chairman Board of Governor. The Academy started functioning in September 1959 at Peshawar.The Academy imparts in-service training in Rural Development and Administration to the officials of the Federal and Provincial Governments including Azad Jamu & Kashmir & Northern Areas, as well as local bodies, and carries out research and experimentation as well in the related fields to support training. Inter-disciplinary approach of social sciences is applied in all these activities.

The Academy tests and demonstrates the practicability of emerging concepts, methods and procedures through action research in rural areas of Peshawar District. The documentation of these experiments take shape of instructional reading material for the training courses. Quite a few have won national and international recognition, like Wara Lasoona (Small Hands) Co-curricular programme for Students of Rural Schools, Mosque-Feeder Schools (Masjid Maktab), Adult Education, Ulema (Religious Scholars) Development Centers. Integrated Basic Services for Women. IRD Daudzai and Five-German Aided IRD Marakaz (center) in Peshawar. The Academy has undertaken collaborative ventures in all its functions with international organizations like UNESCO, UNICEF FAO, UNCRD, APDC etc., inter-governmental regional organizations like AIT (Bangkok), CIRDAP (Dhaka), and a number of national organizations. Keeping in view, the performance of PARD in the spheres of Training and Research, the Academy was declared. "A center of Excellence for Human Recourse Development, by United Nations' Economic & Social Commission for Asia and the pacific in 1997.

The Academy organizes an activity based convention annually for farmers of Pakistan. The date of the 9th National Kissan's convention would be announced soon.

9th National Kissan Convention Date Announced (December 18-20, 2018)

         Theme     Food Security Through Water Management


Committee Members

1. Steering Committee

Dr. Gohar Saeed

Dr. Muhammad Aslam

Mr. Asmatullah Shah

2. Management Committee

Dr. Gohar Saeed

Dr. Muhammad Aslam

Syed Jaffar Shah

Mr. Muhammad Arshad

Mr. Zafar Jamal 

3. Stage Management Committee

Dr. Muhammad Aslam

Mr. Abdul Sattar

Mr. Asad Zia Siddiqui

Mr. Wajid Ali Shah